Growing in Christ, Sharing His Love

Calvin Church Prayer Opportunities, May 20, 2018

You have an open invitation to join us in the Fireside Room every Sunday morning beginning at 9:30 am as we pray over all of the following concerns/praises.

 Please Pray for…
·        Ruth Keessen as she recovers from surgery to repair a fractured vertebrae from a recent fall.
·        Al & Dena Alexander as Al is dealing with many health issues.
·        Mary Jane Wolffis as she continues her recovery at Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids.
·        Phill & Sharon VanDyke as Sharon is scheduled this week to meet for a consultation for surgery.
·        Howard & Marie Allen as Marie continues her recovery at Christian Care.
·        Harry & Char Sikkenga as they determine Harry’s next course of treatment.
·        Gary & Anita Hasper as Gary is experiencing a lot of pain and undergoes immunotherapy.
·        Kaitlyn Weaver (Fran’s grand-daughter) as she awaits testing in mid-summer to determine her health issues.
·        The Catholic Church leadership in Nicaragua, in charge of bringing forth a dialogue resolution to the differences.  All sides have agreed to sit down with the target deadline of Monday at noon.  Pray that the hearts of the people in the dialogue are open to see the truth, and to seek and give forgiveness.  (Holtrops)  
·        Ryan & Amy Kempf family, Bill Parker and our other Special Friends. 

Praises to our God for…
·        Replacing our fear with faith, our pain with purpose and our obstacles with opportunities.
·        Family and friends of our church:  Sherry Wilson, Sam VanAndel, Marie Allen, Shirley Fisher. 

Do you have a prayer concern, praise, or update?  If so, please let us know by calling/emailing the church office 231-737-5207/ so we can lift you and your loved one(s) up in prayer.

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