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Order of Worship - April 11, 2021


Brian Kingshott, leading

Piano:  Joni Wagenmaker

Flute:  Linda Gould

Guitars:  Lance Karum

Bass Guitar:     Casey Gould

Praise Team:    Jessica Adams, Dee Scott


Gathering Music – Praise Team:  “Living Hope”


* Call to Worship

* Songs of Praise & Worship:  “Come People of the Risen King”, “In Christ Alone/The Solid Rock”, “Our God Reigns”

Offertory Prayer (Offering of the DayWorld Renew)

Faithful Family Verses for Lent:  Hebrews 11:1

Morning Prayer

Scripture:  Philippians 1:9-11

Message:  “What Are You Filling Your Bucket With?”

* Song:  “Shine Jesus Shine”

* Words of Blessing

* Closing Song:  “Shine Jesus Shine

* Parting Music

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