Growing in Christ, Sharing His Love

Calvin Church Order of Worship, October 7, 2018

Brian Kingshott, leading

Piano:               Joni Wagenmaker
     Flute:                 Linda Gould
     Guitar:               Lance Karum
     Bass Guitar:      Casey Gould                   
Gathering Music
Father, We Gather in Awe & Adoration
*Welcome & Greeting Each Other
*Call to Worship
*God’s Greeting
* Songs of Praise & Worship
      “He Has Made Me Glad”
      “Open the Eyes of My Heart”
      “I Surrender All”
Offertory Prayer/Special Offering:  Household Pantry
Song:  “Living For Jesus”
Morning Prayer
Father,We Listen in Faith
Scripture:  Mark 1:1-8
Message:  “Are You Good Enough?”
*Song of Application:  “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”
Father,We Go in Faith to Serve
* Words of Blessing
* Closing Song:  “My Life Is in You, Lord”
Parting Music 

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