Growing in Christ, Sharing His Love

Calvin Christian Reformed Church is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. That is quite a significant accomplishment.

We all have our own thoughts and memories of our experiences here at Calvin. Some are long list, as it is for charter members. For others, memories are fewer...but we all have them. I am approaching 10 years of having the God-given privilege and joy of serving as pastor of Calvin. I have many memories...some good...and to be honest...some not so good. But that is the nature of church life. That is the church.

Calvin has been blessed in many ways. We think today of the beautiful facilities we enjoy. We are thankful for the beautiful property we enjoy. We think of all the ministries that have taken place here over the years. Think of all the worship and praise that has taken place over fifty years. We think of the many lives that have been touched and changed. We think of baptisms, professions, marriages and deaths. We all have memories of Calvin CRC.

This is God's church, and it is made up of His people. Its past is deeply rooted in God. Calvin exists because God brought it into existence. He created Calvin Church.

We can be thankful to God for the past fifty years, but the past is simply a foundation to the future. Right now, we at Calvin, are creating new memories...building on that foundation of the past.

We are called not simply to look back...but to always be looking forward. We can't change the past...but we can have an impact on the future.

Calvin will be remembered for many things, but we have a future to build...a future of doing ministry...of changing lives...of worship and praise...changing the world. A stone, near the entrance of the church simply says: "Dedicated to the Glory of God..." That is our past, present, and future.

God wants His people...His be remembered for one thing: Jesus says: "A new command I give you; LOVE ONE ANOTHER. As I have loved you, love one another. This world will know that you are my church...if you love one another."

May that always be our past, our present, and our future, dedicated to the glory of God. May we work to created memories to the glory of God.

To the Glory of God
Pastor John Rop
September 2014

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