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Calvin Caller - July/August 2019

From the Pastor’s Desk… 

This past spring we launched a new ministry with Life Groups.  Life Groups are a different attempt at small group ministry.  Groups met weekly for only six weeks around different areas of ministry.  Many of the groups were born out of someone’s passion.  Someone with a passion to serve others led an act of service group.  Each week a team of people went out and volunteered and served in the community.  Another group emerged from someone’s passion for caring for the creation.  Another was meeting with other families in each other’s homes.  These groups were a major success for our church and deserve to be celebrated!  Our people connected together in deeper ways, grew deeper in their faith journey, and explored and used new spiritual gifts.  For those of you who participated in any of these groups you can testify to the blessing that it was.  This is something we should honor and thank God for.  

This October we plan to launch a new set of Life Groups that again will meet weekly for six weeks.  This summer we hope to plan those groups out, but we need your help.  First we ask you to pray and consider joining a group in the fall, especially if you missed this opportunity in the spring.  Secondly, is there a passion you have always had that you wondered how to bring into the life of the church?  Is there an area of ministry that you love and want to share with others?  Is there a topic or area of interest in our faith that you have always wanted to learn more about and explore with other people?  Why not lead a life group?  You do not need to be an expert leader or a certain personality to lead a group.  All it takes is a willing heart.  If you are interested or have questions about Life Groups, please talk with myself or Brian Kingshott.  If you may feel God’s tug on your heart to lead a Life Group, please also let us know and we will help equip and coach you through everything you will need. 

 I pray you all have a blessed summer!

~ Pastor Mark


Reflections from the Front Pew
The Bible does not say you are God’s appliance; it says you are his masterpiece. Appliances get mass-produced. Masterpieces get hand-crafted. God did not make you exactly like anyone else. Therefore, his plan for shaping you will not look like his plan for shaping anyone else.  John Ortberg 

In just a few short weeks, SERVE 2019 will be taking over Calvin Church.  We get the opportunity to host 80 young people & leaders – to feed them, lead them at work sites, to worship with them, and to be front & center as lives are changed. 

The theme this year is “Go Do Good”, using the passage from Titus 2:11-14. Paul tells Titus that God wants us to be a people who are his, and who are eager to do good. Let’s take a short look at that interesting word: 

Eager: wanting to do or have something very much. 

As you look back at your life, I’m sure you can fit that word into many situations – you may have been eager to grow up, eager to get a job, eager to be done with school, eager to get married, eager to have a family, eager to begin retirement – and the list goes on. In Titus 2, Paul wants us to be eager to do good – to be enthusiastic about reaching out to others, to be wholeheartedly committed to God and his plan for your life, to be earnest in serving him.

The Bible is full of stories of people who were eager to follow God, and those stories can be such an example to us. The people God chose in those stories were just “everyday people”, hand-picked by God to do his work. You don’t need to be extraordinary or talented to be a follower of Jesus, you just need to be eager to say yes, be eager to hear the good news, be eager to share, and be eager to do good.

~ Joni Wagenmaker, Director of Worship & Music


Children’s & Youth Ministries 

The Children & Youth Ministries Team would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who had a part in making our nursery renovation a reality!  Thank you to those who generously donated toys and baby care items, and to the many folks who came to help with our cleaning bee.  Your gifts and donations of time have helped create a fun, clean, safe place to care for our little ones!  Special thanks are given to Kurt Wolffis for his considerable time spent designing and coordinating construction.  Many thanks also to  Jim Meyers for his time and talent in creating a new custom playhouse, and to Bob Datema for his work in providing custom storage shelving.  We cannot express how very thankful we are for every bit of time, talent, and generous giving our Calvin family has shown!

Yours in Christ,
The Children & Youth Ministries Team


Save the date…  Please mark your calendar for the following fall events:

September 11 – Carnival Cook-Out (many volunteers needed J)

September 15 – Children In Worship Orientation

September 18 – Wednesdays at Calvin begins

~ Courtney Kingshott, Director of Children’s Ministries


SERVE 2019

SERVE is almost here!  80 students and leaders are coming to stay at Calvin Church the week of July 13-20 and will go out each day to bless others in our community.  They will also have worship each night!  This is a powerful week that has a lasting impact on our community, the students (who come from other places, but also our own), and our church.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We need volunteers each day to help make SERVE happen.  Check out the sheets in the narthex and ask Brian or Bill Sorensen if you have any questions.  We also need Prayer Partners to pray for each student throughout the week.  See Joni if you have questions about prayer partners. Finally, we will be requesting donations for food starting today!  See Vern if you are willing to donate or if you have any questions.  Thank you, Calvin Church family, for faithfully supporting SERVE year in and year out. 

                        ~ Brian Kingshott - Host Team Coordinator


Hearts & Hands

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:6  NIV

We would like to thank our co-chairs Maryann Wolffis and Jeanne Maycroft for their commitment, guidance and hard work as we come to the end of another productive year.  Our meetings have been filled with fun, fellowship and great desserts!

Though we do not meet during July and August, the work of Hearts and Hands will continue throughout the summer.  If you have a question or know of a need that we should be aware of, please contact the office or one of our members. 

Thank you also to all of you who so willingly support us in our ministries.  We know that we can always count on you, and that the work of this committee would not be possible without you!   

Our next meeting will be held on September 9, 2019 at 1:00 pm in the Fireside Room.  We meet on the second Monday of the month and always welcome new members.  Please mark your calendars and plan to join us in the fall.

~ Antje Waldo


Finance Committee 

Have you ever cheated on a test?  What about the test in Malachi chapter 3:8–12?  This passage talks about cheating God out of His tithe.  Do we really comprehend what it says?  The real test here says that if we bring in the whole tithe into the storehouse, God will “open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing so great we won’t have enough room to take it in”.  God challenges us by saying, “Try it!  Put Me to the test!”  WOW!  However, do we really believe what God says in this passage?  Are we testing Him on this or are we cheating Him? 

Last year we as a congregation stepped up and said we wanted to add a Director of Children’s Ministries and needed to update our technology when we approved our 2019 budget.  In doing this, we all said that we believe in the work that our Lord is doing through Calvin Church.  As of the end of May 2019, we are almost $37,000 behind in our giving year-to-date.  Now is the time for us to put into action through our giving that belief we showed in December that God has plans for this church and the ministry we are doing. 

When you cheat God on this test, you are really cheating yourself out of God’s massive blessing for you.  Believe it! 

If you have any questions for the Finance Committee, the members are Scott Teusink, Ron Konyndyk, Paul Wilson and Kathy Jansen.  Please contact any one of us with your comments or questions.

~ Kathy Jansen, Chair of Finance


Where Does My Baby Bottle Money Go? 

When I was asked by a member where her money went when she gave to Muskegon Pregnancy Services (MPS), I thought it would be beneficial to explain the services that are offered, and who pays for them. 

MPS is a non-profit pregnancy service ministry.  They have no government funding in any way and rely 100% on donations and partnerships.  All services are provided free of charge to clients.  These include:

There are also daily operating costs to maintain the building and the salary of the director and part-time staff.  In addition, classes are offered in post-abortion healing using a Bible based curriculum.  They also have a “Willing to Wait” curriculum, which is prevention education for youth groups and schools. 

If you would like to visit the center or volunteer, please call them at 231-726-2677.  Also, please keep praying for their work and an end to abortion in this country.

 ~ MaryAnn Mellema


Fellowship Team 

Our biggest event of the year is providing meals for the SERVE Students and the many helpers who work alongside them.  We go through a lot of food and snacks.  If baking is one of those things you love to do, we can always use baked items.  The kids love them. 

SERVE starts on the 13th of July and then for the next 7 ½ days food comes in and goes out fast.  Are you looking for a fun time while serving?  Come and sign-up for one of the shifts in the kitchen.  We have a great time together and you will see the change in kids as they go through the week. 

If there are questions, please give me a call 231-730-0432.

~ Vern Borgman


Faithful Family Verse of the Month for July: 

I bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to your name for your steadfast love and your faithfulness;
for you have exalted your name and your word above everything.
On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul.

Psalm 138:2-3 NRSV


Faithful Family Verse of the Month for August:

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” 

Matthew 5:14


Among Ourselves 

July Birthdays:  The following people are celebrating their birthdays in July…      

July 2 – Ron Komarek            July 13 – Courtney Kingshott   July 19 – Mary Lane

July 2 – Mary Konyndyk         July 14 – Bob Hoffius               July 20 – Hudson Milkamp                 

July 3 – Ron Maycroft             July 14 – Mark Milkamp           July 23 – Shirley Fisher

July 3 – Laurie VanDonkelaar                                                 July 23 – Kathy Gifford

July 4 – Elaine VanderWel     July 15– Rocky Spoon             July 24 – Jeanne Hyma

July 6 – John Mellema            July 15 – Gary Wickerink        July 24 – Merlin McPheron

July 8 – Carter Paquin            July 16 – Lois Veenstra           July 24 – Tim Bannink

July 9 – Bob Scanlon              July 16 – Louise Ypema         July 24 – Beth Postema

July 9 – Mary Jane Wolffis      July 16 – Kyle Wolffis             July 24 – Dan Best

July 9 – Sherry Apostle          July 16 – Cordyn Twining       July 26 – Pat Lewis

July 10 – Barb Scanlon           July 16 – Grace Murray          July 30 – Brenda DeWind

July 12 – Pat VanDonkelaar    July 16 – Molly Teusink         July 30 – Jamie Peterman

July 13 – Jeanne Maycroft       July 17 – Lisa Willea             July 31 – Kathy Bowmaster

July 13 – Tom Shepherd          July 18 – Kara Komarek     


August Birthdays:  The following people are celebrating their birthdays in August…

Aug 2 – Bev Walhout              Aug 11 – John Dood               Aug 20 – Jene Grimm

Aug 2 – Kristen Dethloff         Aug 13 – Doris Jacobson       Aug 22 – R’Na Komarek

Aug 2 – Eli VerMerris              Aug 15 – Bob Keessen           Aug 23 – Antje Waldo

Aug 3 – Bradey Grimm          Aug 15 – Christie VanHouten    Aug 23 – Kyle Witt

Aug 5 – Don Willea                 Aug 16 – Erin Sova                 Aug 23 – Lauren Dethloff

Aug 6 – Gary Katerberg         Aug 17 – Marva Jacobson     Aug 25 – Henriet Meyers

Aug 8 – Nancy Elliott             Aug 17 – Char Sikkenga        Aug 27 – Wayne VanderWel

Aug 9 – Anita Hasper              Aug 17 – Zeta Lakatos            Aug 28 – Addison Twining

Aug 10 – Sharon VanDyke     Aug 19 – Breanna DeWind     Aug 31 – Juanita Fowler


Anniversaries:  Our best wishes to the following couples who are celebrating their anniversaries in July & August (50+ years together)…

    John & Yvonne Wyn celebrating 62 years on July 25.

    Chuck 7 Sara Wilks celebrating 62 years on July 26.   

    Jim & Linda Bos celebrating 50 years on August 2.

    Howard & Marie Allen celebrating 61 years on August 9.

    Cornie & Trudi Van Tol celebrating 58 years on August 11.

    Bill & Jeanne Hyma celebrating 56 years on August 16.

    Verne & Jan VanHouten celebrating 51 years on August 23.

    Bill & Marcia Workman celebrating 51 years on August 23.

    Vern & Joyce Borgman celebrating 51 years on August 24.


Directory Info… 

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