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Calvin Caller - July/August 2022 

From the Pastor’s Desk…

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matthew 25:40 

Christ is the principal model and object of all our service.  Ingrained in the follower of Jesus is a heart of servanthood towards others.   It is not merely what we are called to do, it is who we are called to be.  We serve ‘the least of these’ in countless ways.  That label ‘the least of these’ does not only reference those who are in monetary or physical need.  They represent all who are broken, struggling, hurting, or in many forms of pain.   All of us have been in a place where we have needed the servant heart of another, just as all of us are called to serve others in need as well.   We serve because we indeed are ourselves ‘the least of these.’  

Our sin seals our fate as such and it is only because Christ fully served us that we now can serve one another.  SERVE has been one of the key ministries at Calvin for years.  Each year we host up to a hundred teens who come and stay at our church for a week while they head out into our community and serve in many ways. 

We have been on hold with this ministry for two years due to Covid, so hosting SERVE this summer is quite meaningful for us.  Not only is SERVE an opportunity for us to serve others, it is also an opportunity for us to be served as well.  I encourage all of us to participate in any way we can.  Whether through help in the kitchen, various work sites, activities, and/or prayer.  We all can have a part.   SERVE is an awesome ministry that pumps life giving energy and strength into our church.   It is just another opportunity to express who we are as God’s humble servants.

Grace and Peace, Pastor Mark


Faithful Family Verse of the Month

We are using a designated verse(s) in some way during worship on a monthly basis.  Our hope is that this verse will go home with you and be in your heart and mind during each month.  

You will find our monthly verse in the bulletin, on the website and used in various ways during the month. 

Let’s keep digging into God’s Word together.

July verse:  Acts 20:35                                     

August verse:  Isaiah 40:28


Reflections from the Front Pew…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Look full in his wonderful face.

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim

in the light of His glory and grace. 

I love a good story.  Maybe that’s why I like researching the origins of hymns & finding out the “song stories” behind them.  Today I typed in “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” and was amazed at what I learned! 

Lilian Trotter (1853-1928) was a “budding” artist.  She had an amazing talent that was just being discovered and she was drawing attention from many art critics around her - her potential was great.  BUT she had something stirring within her. Many around her couldn’t understand why she would be willing to give up a lucrative career in art to travel to Algeria to become a missionary, especially when she was unable to get support for her mission work there.  She ended up traveling there alone and worked among the people for 40 years. 

While Lillian was living in the desert of Algeria, she wrote a poem entitled “Focused: A Story and a Song” (*google this – you’ll want to read the whole poem).  From this poem, discovered by Helen Lemmel in 1922, came the song we know: “Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus”.  One hundred years ago, a song was written from the writings of an artist-turned-missionary, who gave up a life of art for a life of sharing Jesus. 

Jesus to You we lift our eyes
      Jesus our glory and our prize
      We adore You behold You our Savior ever true
      Oh Jesus we turn our eyes to You 

And now we’ll be learning a “new” version of “Turn Your Eyes”.  Some of you already heard this song sung in worship a few months ago.  The new verses are just so biblical & inspiring, that I wanted all of you to learn those words too. 

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did – and the new song too.  We can be inspired by a person like Lilian Trotter, who gave up so much to share her Jesus; also by Helen Lemmel, who was moved by Lilian’s words to write a hymn we all know and love; also by the artists from Sovereign Grace who, in 2019, added such wonderful words to a familiar tune. 

*A documentary was made in 2015 about the life of Lilian Trotter.  I was able to access it through an app called Redeem TV.  It’s a wonderful story of her life and dedication.  The documentary is also available on Amazon Prime.

~ Joni Wagenmaker, Director of Music & Worship


SERVE 2022…

SERVE is right around the corner!  After a 2-year hiatus (due to Covid), 61 students and leaders are coming to stay at Calvin Church the week of July 9-16 and will go out each day to bless others in our community.  They will also have worship each night!  This is a powerful week that has a lasting impact on our community, the students (who come from other places, but also our own), and our church.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We need volunteers each day to help make SERVE happen.  Check out the sheets in the narthex and ask Brian or Bill Sorensen if you have any questions.  We also need Prayer Partners to pray for each student throughout the week.  See Joni if you have questions about prayer partners.  Finally, we are requesting donations for food.  See Vern if you are willing to donate or if you have any questions.  Thank you, Calvin Church family, for faithfully supporting SERVE over the last several years.  We’re glad it’s back!

~ Pastor Brian Kingshott - Host Team Coordinator


Fellowship News…

SERVE 2022 is here July 9 – 16!  Are you interested in baking some treats for the kids?  Cookies, Rice Krispie treats, and fresh fruit are big items the kids all like.   If you can help or make a donation, please let Vern or Vickie know.  It is a wonderful time at Calvin with all the kids here and working together.  We ask for your prayers and blessings as we go through the week.                                                           

~ Vern Borgman, Chair 


Kid Ministries Summer Events… 

Mark your calendars for these fun summer events: 

► Sunday, July 3:  Children in Worship Outdoors (4 years – 5th grade)

► Wednesday, July 20:  Family Beach Day, join us at Pier Marquette Beach at 12:30 - 3 PM 

► Sunday, August 7:  Children in Worship Outdoors (4 years – 5th grade)

► Friday, August 12:  Parents’ Night Out, join us at The Deck (Pier Marquette) at 6 PM 

Stay tuned for more information about these fun happenings this summer! 

 ~ Courtney Kingshott, Director of Children's Ministries


Hearts & Hand…

We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to Carolyn Ahrens.  For many years she has been making the beautiful baptismal banners for new babies in our church family.  Thank you, Carolyn, for the many hours you have spent bringing joy to so many families.  Thank you also to Jeanne Maycroft who has generously agreed to assume the responsibility of making the banners, and to Maryann Wolffis who will take care of the baptismal floral arrangements for this ministry. 

Marie Allen has been in charge of preparing the gift bags that are handed out at the Welcome Center for new visitors.  We are grateful, Marie, for the lovely bags filled with thoughtful items that you have put together through the years to help visitors feel warmly welcomed and more connected to our church. 

The following donations from the Pickleball Fund were approved by the committee: 

Muskegon Rescue Mission (Matching Gift Challenge)                      

First Christian Reformed Church of Ravenna (Fire Damage)

Thankful for You Ministry 

Pickleball donation funds for one month (November) were designated to purchase gift cards for those honored by the Thankful for You Ministry.  To date, the special or unique services of 23 members or our church family have been recognized through this ministry. 

This committee will not meet during the months of July and August, but the members will continue their work throughout the summer.  We wish all of you a safe and enjoyable summer! 

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, September 12, at 1:00 P.M. in the Fireside Room.  We hope you will consider joining us when we resume our monthly meetings in the fall.  New members are always welcome.

~ Antje Waldo, Hearts & Hands Secretary


Family Promise…

For a week in June, Calvin Church again hosted Family Promise families at our church.  After two years of interruption due to Covid-19, we were able to resume this ministry of providing lodging and meals for homeless families in Muskegon County. The families arrived at church at 5 PM each day and went back to the Family Promise Day Center each morning at 7 AM.  The group we hosted was slightly larger than in past years, but we were able to accommodate them nicely.  We were blessed to have such respectful and helpful families.  The meals that were provided by various members of Calvin Church were greatly appreciated.  We are looking forward to our next week of Family Promise ministry the week of August 14.  Thank you to all who helped make this week a blessing to these families from our community.

~ Bonnie and Carl Bergman


Among Ourselves

July Birthdays:

July 2 – Mary Konyndyk                                 July 16 – Louise Ypema

July 3 – Laurie VanDonkelaar                        July 16 – Kyle Wolffis                 

July 3 – Ron Maycroft                                     July 16 – Cordyn Twining           

July 4 – Kaylie Semelbauer                             July 16 – Grace Murray          

July 4 – Caleb Hyma                                        July 16 – Molly Teusink          

July 8 – Carter Paquin                                   July 17 – Lisa Willea          

July 9 – Bob Scanlon                                        July 18 – Kara Komarek

July 9 – Mary Jane Wolffis                             July 19 – Mary Lane     

July 9 – Sherry Apostle                                   July 20 – Hudson Milkamp

July 9 – Kylie Geoghan                                   July 22 – Meira Clapp              

July 10 – Barb Scanlon                                  July 23 – Shirley Fisher             

July 13 – Damon VanHouten                         July 23 – Kathy Gifford

July 13 – Jeanne Maycroft                             July 24 – Jeanne Hyma

July 13 – Tom Shepherd                                  July 24 – Merlin McPheron

July 13 – Courtney Kingshott                         July 24 – Tim Bannink

July 14 – Bob Hoffius                                      July 24 – Beth Postema

July 14 – John Rop, Jr.                                     July 24 – Dan Best

July 14 – Mark Milkamp                                 July 26 – Pat Lewis

July 15 – Rocky Spoon                                  July 30 – Brenda DeWind

July 15 – Bill Workman                                 July 30 – Jamie Peterman

July 16 – Lois Veenstra                                  July 31 – Kathy Bowmaster


August Birthdays: 

Aug 1 – Isabelle Eschman                             Aug 16 – Erin Sova

Aug 2 – Kristen Dethloff                               Aug 17 – Marva Jacobson                   

Aug 2 – Elijah VerMerris                               Aug 17 – Char Sikkenga                    

Aug 3 – Bradey Grimm                                  Aug 17 – Zeta Lakatos

Aug 5 – Don Willea                                        Aug 20 – Jene’ Grimm

Aug 6 – Gary Katerberg                               Aug 21 – Amelia Oppenhuizen 

Aug 8 – Nancy Elliott                                     Aug 22 – R’Na Komarek

Aug 9 – Anita Hasper                                    Aug 23 – Antje Waldo       

Aug 10 – Sharon VanDyke                          Aug 23 – Lauren Dethloff               

Aug 11 – John Dood                                      Aug 25 – Henriet Meyers                     

Aug 13 – Doris Jacobson                              Aug 27 – Wayne VanderWel 

Aug 15 – Bob Keessen                                   Aug 28 – Addison Twining

Aug 15 – Christie VanHouten                      Aug 31 – Juanita Fowler


Anniversaries:  Our best wishes to the following couples who are celebrating

their anniversaries in May & June (50+ years together)…

    John & Yvonne Wyn celebrating 65 years on July 25.

    Chuck & Sara Wilks celebrating 65 years on July 26.

    Howard & Marie Allen celebrating 64 years on August 9.

    Cornie & Trudi Van Tol celebrating 61 years on August 11.

    Mark & Julie VanderMeulen celebrating 51 years on August 13.

    Bill & Jeanne Hyma celebrating 59 years on August 16.

    Verne & Jan VanHouten celebrating 54 years on August 23.

    Bill & Marcia Workman celebrating 54 years on August 23.

    Vern & Joyce Borgman celebrating 54 years on August 24.

    Tom & Suzanne Shepherd celebrating 50 years on August 26.  


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