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Calvin Church Announcements - December 17, 2017

FutureOfferings of the Day
Dec24 – World Renew                          Jan 7 – Christian Education
Dec31 – Youth Group Mission Trip       Jan14 – Youth Unlimited
Unspecified offering donations will be placed in the General Fund.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
          Next Sunday’s scripture will be 1 Corinthians13:4-8,13
          Bell Choir Rehearsal isMonday, December 18th at 6:00 pm.       
For security purposes:  All doors will be locked by 10:10am on Sunday mornings with the exception of the Front Entry.
If you have a ‘need’ or a ‘deed’ to post on our “Needs & Deeds” bulletin board, please fill out a form atthe Welcome Center and leave in the basket or see Vickie in the office.  We are asking that all requests be directedthrough the church office.  Then we willbe placing them onto the bulletin board. Your help may come in the way of volunteering, but we are notnecessarily asking for free help if you feel you would like some monetarypayment for your service (see “$$$”). Some examples of ‘needs’ or ‘deeds’ are babysitting, snow shoveling, lightconstruction, dog walking, grocery shopping – the list is endless…  All ages are encouraged to participate. 
Our Annual Progressive Dinner  is tonight!  This is for High School Youth Group & MERGE participants.  Come hungry and please join us at our normal time, 6:00 pm. You are sure to fill up on lots of great food.  Bring a wrapped, $2 white elephant gift for the gift exchange. As always, invite a friend to join us!
Hearts & Hands has placed a basket in the narthex for Special Friends Christmas Cards. A list of names and addresses can be found in your mailbox or by thebasket.  Place your signed, sealed and addressed cards in the basketthrough today.  Postage will be added and the cards will be mailed shortlyafter they are placed in the basket.  We appreciate your thoughtfulnessknowing your love will be felt by those receiving the cards.     
FYI Snowbirds!  If you are heading to warmer climates soonand you would like to stay in the loop here at Calvin (nominations, budget,etc.), let Vickie in the office know and she will compile an email list to keepyou informed over the winter.
Defibrillator SafetyReminder: You will find our AED Defibrillator in the narthex by the elevator.
Withthe colder weather upon us, we would like to remind everyone that all CalvinMinistries cancellations will be posted to WZZM TV,,and also on Facebook.
You are invited to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service onDecember 24th beginning at 5:00pm as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.
Come, share the spiritof Christmas!
The Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study meets from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm downstairsin a classroom off the south hallway.  We’re studying the book of Acts.  Get some refreshments in the Family Life Centerand then join us for an in depth study.
Midweek Bible Study will meet this Thursday at 1:00 pm in the Fireside Room.  We are studying Matthew 5-7, The Sermon on the Mount.  Paul Wilson leads the study/discussion.  We invite you to participate, ask questions or listen and learn.  Everyone is welcome!   We meet on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month.
            The January Caller News is due this Tuesday,December 19th by 2:00 pm. Your news helps to keep our church fellowship informed about the activities that are taking place and they love to hear about it.  Please place your article/news on Vickie’s desk,fax it to 231-737-3159, or email  Thank you!
            There are many excellent books and children’s videos to borrow in our Church Library which you may like to take home and enjoy.  These books/videos can be found in the Fireside Room.
If you are a first time visitor we would like you to stop by the Welcome Center on your way out.  We have a gift for you. J
Our services are now streaming live in the Fireside Room!
Requested Announcements
          Muskegon Christian School Match Drive Update:  We have received over $12,000 toward our matching funds so far - what a blessing!  But we would love totake advantage of the full $25,000 in match funds and raise $50,000 for tuition assistance by year-end.  To double your donation and make Christian education possible for more students, send your check marked 'Match Drive'to Muskegon Christian School by December 31st.  Our school relies on our faithful church community and we are encouraged by your prayers and support.  Thank you! 
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