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 Announcements - July 5, 2020


Offerings of the Day… 

Unspecified offering donations will be placed in the General Fund.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

FYI:  The church office will be open on Tues., Wed., Thurs. this week.

 Next week’s Scripture reading is Mark 7:14-23.  We will be sharing in The Lord’s Supper on July 12th.  If you are at church for worship we will have prepackaged Communion sets available and if you are worshiping at home, you may want to have your own elements available.


The following people will appear on the Ballot for Elders and Deacons next Sunday,  July 12, 2020. 

Elders:  Lynn Cooper, Ted Hewitt, Doug LaFayette, Gail Kraft, Naurine McPheron, Jim Meyers, Ken Sherburn, Sheryl VanAndel, Vern Van Houten, Bill Ypema.

Deacons:  Dennis Berens, Woody Brown, Jan Bush, Mary Forton, Myrna Johnson, Dick Kraft, Doug LaFayette, Marc Lakatos, Naurine McPheron, Henriet Meyers, Carol Mogdis, Char Reed, Jeremy Sova, Sheryl VanAndel, Steve VerMerris.

We will be voting for three Deacons and two Elders on Sunday, July 12th with the top six Deacons and four Elders going into the drawing.  If you are not present for this vote, you may email to ( or mail to (973 W. Norton Ave., Muskegon, MI. 49441) your vote (up to three Deacons and up to two Elders) no later than July 12th.  On August 2nd, we will draw three Deacons and two Elders by lot who will serve on the Council for the next three years.  

The 2020/2021 Church Directory (not pictorial) will be published in August.  If you have changes for the new directory (address, phone, email, etc.), please let Vickie know by leaving a note in the office or giving her a call at 231-737-5207.  All changes must be received by Wednesday, August 12th

Need a change of scenery?  Have you taken time to experience our Prayer Trail?  This wonderful trail was created for our neighbors, community, and church family to share in God’s amazing creation.  Please enjoy!

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