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 Announcements - May 31, 2020


Dear Calvin family,

         During this time, we are taking all necessary precautions.

   We want to stay connected with our church family, so please tune in to our Sunday service on Facebook at 10AM Sunday mornings or go to our website  There are also other Facebook events going on, so stay tuned.

         If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call Pastor Mark or your Elder/Deacon Team.

          Elders   Paul Wilson, President   (A-B)  

    Jim Bos                  (M-Q)      MaryAnn Mellema  (R-T)

    Bruce Hoffman      (G-H)       Bill Schneider         (W-Z)              

    Tim Jansen            (C-F)       Cornie Van Tol        (I-L)

    Bob Keessen         (U-V)     

    Deacons   Nancy Johnson, Chair   (W-Z)        

    Meredith Best        (C-F)        Chad Sneller          (I-L)

    Kevin Datema        (U-V)        Jean Wilbur           (R-T)

    Jason Murray         (G-H)       Kurt Wolffis            (M-Q)

    Kristi Rop               (A-B)        

     We will continue to monitor voicemails and emails on a daily basis also.

Please remember that God is in control and may He give you peace…

Blessings, Vickie


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